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Science and Nature in Perfect Harmony

was founded with one distinct mission: to provide natural, science based high quality functional ingredients to the European healthcare industry.

In this respect, we are extremely proud to represent some of the finest suppliers of premium ingredients designed for nutritional supplements & nutraceuticals, food & beverages and skincare & cosmeceuticals.

Our highly qualified staff take pride in offering the highest service & quality levels to support our customers helping them develop and maximize their business potentials.

Our Philosophy
Guided by our mission, we offer products that combine the marvels of nature with the profound knowledge of pharmacology. This science of pharmaco-nutrition is helping or customers to develop innovative solutions, helping their customers to achieve better health and improved quality of life.

Our Team
Founded by Bengt Hansson, the Biogredia Team is centred around Bengt, Nic White and David Webb. 


In July 2023, Biogredia became part of the Barentz Group. please read the press release

The Biogredia Team - Nic Bengt and David