• Affron® – A High-Quality Ingredient for Cognitive Health Products

    Affron® – A High-Quality Ingredient for Cognitive Health Products

    The promotion of mental health is a key policy of the European Union, and we expect it to be an even more prominent focus in the aftermath of Covid-19. Affron® is the best clinically supported ingredient for cognitive health on the market; improving mood, relieving stress and enhancing sleep.

    The Decline of Mental Health during Covid-19

    Cognitive decline impacts millions of people worldwide, and is often linked to individuals who have suffered from anxiety and depression (1). This is the key reason for why cognitive issues, and specifically Age-Related Cognitive Decline, are now among the primary health concerns for the European Union (2). Ever since the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19, we have witnessed how anxiety, stress and depression have spread through previously healthy parts of the population. The impact on mental health has been high, with research showing that even sleep quality has been compromised during the pandemic (3 + 4). Unfortunately, all market trends predict that Covid-19 has made a significant and long-term negative impact on our mental health (5).

    Affron® – A High-Quality Ingredient for Cognitive Health Products

    What is Affron®?

    Affron®, developed by high-quality producer Pharmactive, is an ingredient that can aid adults suffering from confusion, stress, anxiety, depression, anger and tiredness. In short, Affron® is a premium saffron ingredient standardized to 3.5 % Lepticrosalides®, by HPLC – a complex of bioactive compounds responsible for the beneficial and organoleptic properties of Affron®. Its extraction process (AFF ON Cool-Tech®) and therapeutic application are internationally patented, getting the highest quality and bioactives preservation at the lowest energy consumption and without the use of ethanol.

    How does Affron® work?

    The active ingredients in Affron® – crocins and safranal – improve cognitive status and promote restorative sleep by multiple mechanisms of action:

    • Restoring neurotransmitters – mostly serotonin, norephinephrine and dopamine – balance in the brain, as selective reuptake inhibitors.
    • Showing anti-inflammatory, immune-regulating, and antioxidant properties – including the modulation of antioxidant enzymes.
    • Finally, it supports neuron health due to the positive effects on neurotrophins – such as BDNF, a group of proteins involved in the survival, development and general function of neurons (7 and 8).
    Affron® – A High-Quality Ingredient for Cognitive Health Products

    Why choose Affron®?

    Affron® is the best clinically supported saffron ingredient on the market, with seven clinical trials focusing on mental health (in 6 of them, Affron® was the only active ingredient), two clinical trials on sleep quality, 4 on mood and anxiety symptoms improvement (one of them is the unique dose-response study in a branded saffron extract). Affron® is the first saffron extract to be clinially studied in adolescents, with excellent results in the reduction of anger and mood improvemnt. In total, +900 participants where included in the studies. It also counts with a pharmacokinetics study, which proved its biovaliability.

    Through the clinical studies, the ingredient has been proven to work for people suffering from various mental health conditions and to be well-tolerated.

    Key Benefits:

    • Improves mood
    • Relieves stress
    • Supports relaxation
    • Improves sleep quality

    These benefits have been recognized by the authorities from Japan and Canada, which approved claims for products containing affron®.

    Affron® is water-soluble and readily applicable to food formats or supplements. It is kosher and halal certified, non-GMO, non-irradiated, doping-free certified.

    For all above, affron® has been awarded six times and recently recognized as the best saffron-based ingredient for Cognitive health by the prestigious consultancy Frost & Sullivan.

    Why Pharmactive is a Preferred Partner of Biogredia

    All Pharmactive ingredients are submitted to rigorous testing and quality controls an all stages of development; from crops and all the way up to the final product. Their laboratories perform strict traceability and quality control, something which has earned them numerous quality certificates.

    Affron® is a high-quality ingredient which is hand-picked by Biogredia. We believe that this ingredient will help you create a new and exciting product for cognitive health that your customers can trust and benefit from in years to come. Do you want to learn more? Feel free to contact Bengt for more relevant research and information.

    Please get in touch if you want more information or have questions about our ingredients.

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