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    AprèsFlex – Trusted Joint Relief in only 5 days

    Whether it’s for healthy ageing or sports recovery, the science-backed ingredient AprèsFlex from PLT Health Solutions supports musculoskeletal health and can provide joint relief in only 5 days.

    Joint Discomfort – A Growing Market

    The aged population across the world is currently as its highest level in human history, according to a recent report by the UN (1). Due to a more active lifestyle, many older people suffer from joint discomfort related to inflammation caused by physical activity – which is similar in some ways to that which occurs in osteoarthritis. However, they are not the only ones: Athletes, physical workers and fitness enthusiasts often experience inflammation and discomfort caused by strenuous exercise.

    Strategies to impact inflammation are various, but the downsides to many – like NSAID use – are significant, meaning that nutritional solutions often are a natural go-to. PLT Health Solutions have performed extensive research in the joint health space for active people of every age. Whether it’s for healthy aging or sports recovery, the science backed AprèsFlex can be the key to joint relief and increased mobility.

    What is AprèsFlex?

    One of the world’s best-selling joint health ingredients, AprèsFlex from PLT Health Solutions powers some of the leading brands on the market. AprèsFlex (also known as Aflapin) is a novel, proprietary extract of Boswellia serrata gum resin. It can be used both as a standalone ingredient and in conjunction with other ingredients.

    One of the key features of AprèsFlex in any formulation is the clinical work that has demonstrated efficacy starting at 5 days – at a significantly lower dose (100 mg) than other joint health ingredients. This fast efficacy and low dose allow AprèsFlex to compete with non-natural, pharmaceutical solutions.

    To underscore this fact, a 2014 clinical trial with AprèsFlex showed a nearly 20% reduction in pain scores over baseline at 5 days and a 50% reduction in pain scores at 30 days (2).

    Key Functions of AprèsFlex:

    • Low-dose (100 mg/d) solution for joint health
    • AprèsFlex® supports healthy joints and connective tissues
    • Clinically studied using validated tests of function and blood markers
    • Enhanced bioavailability and bioactivity of AKBA
    • Demonstrates significant 5-Lipoxygenase inhibition
    • Superior MMP-3 inhibition

    Available formulations for AprèsFlex:

    • Capsules
    • Tablets
    • Powders
    • Soft Gels
    • Effervescent
    • Stick packs
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    Why PLT Health Solutions is a Preferred Partner of Biogredia:

    Backed with solid results from several clinical studies, AprèsFlex is an ingredient that can provide joint relief in as little as 5 days. Do you want to learn more about this ingredient? Contact Bengt for more research and case studies regarding the use of AprèsFlex for better musculoskeletal health.

    PLT Health Solutions is a high-quality producer with more than 70 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Their ingredient AprèsFlex is an innovative and market-leading ingredient hand-picked by Biogredia.

    Please get in touch if you want more information or have questions about our ingredients.

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