• CollaSel PRO®- for Joint and Skin

    Scientifically-proven bioavailability for Joint and Skin

    CollaSel PRO® collagen peptides are a pure and highly bioavailable protein source, formulated to improve our well-being in a wide range of areas, focusing on skin and joint health. Bioactive peptides are encrypted within CollaSel PRO® peptide sequences that can be released during intestinal digestion.

    Specific protein fragments are reported to have the potential for improving human health and preventing metabolic diseases. This product is supported by new research. It is also compliant with JAKIM, MUI, MUIS, CICOT, etc. (HQC & SMIIC Halal Certified).


    The first phase of the study was conducted on the effects of CollaSel PRO® collagen peptides on the elasticity, smoothness, and hydration of the skin. The measurements taken on the skin condition showed that CollaSel PRO®, regularly and consistently used, improves the smoothness of the skin while also statistically making significant contributions to skin elasticity and hydration. It was also observed that CollaSel PRO® has a positive impact on skin health, and no allergic reactions were encountered.

    The use of CollaSel PRO® collagen peptides increases skin hydration by roughly 30% in
    comparison with the placebo group. Especially remarkable is the exponential improvement of
    skin hydration.


    The second phase of the study was carried out on the effects of CollaSel PRO® collagen peptides on osteoarthritis-related knee, wrist and hip joint pain, joint stiffness and physical functions in adults. The results indicated that CollaSel PRO® showed its positive effects in the first week of use and increased linearly. It was observed that CollaSel PRO® was very successful in reducing wrist pain and improving physical function, thereby improving quality of life.

    The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of CollaSel PRO® collagen peptides on joint
    pain, stiffness, and physical function in adults with osteoarthritis who have complaints of knee joints
    together with hip and ankles. A single dose of 10g CollaSel PRO® collagen peptides or placebo was
    orally administered to adults.

    Amelioration of knee joint pain, stiffness, and physical function according to WOMAC (The Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index) score. As the graph shows, the use of CollaSel PRO® increases its physical functions during its use. At the same time, the placebo group does not display any benefits. The efficacy of CollaSel PRO® on the amelioration of osteoarthritis commenced from the first week of regular intake.

    A greater depth of information on the research, as well as the research references, is available by downloading the CollaSel PRO® brochure; the link is below.

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