A New Era in Weight Management

Building a Weight Loss Brand that Consumers Can Trust

In a crowded weight management sector, consumers have always demanded results. In today's environment, they also need to trust the products they buy.

Come be one of the first to find out about SLIMVANCE™ CORE SLIMMING COMPLEX - a new ingredient, with compelling science that can help you build your weight management brands.


Trust the safety. Trust the science. And trust the performance.

Cutting-Edge Technology

SLIMVANCE is a synergistic combination of three spices with known uses in traditional medicine, all of which have been the subject of safety and toxicity work. These three have been selected from hundreds of herbs, using cutting-edge screening techniques that assessed their ability to work synergistically in inhibiting fat accumulation and promoting the breakdown of fat in fat cells.

Build a Weight Loss Brand that Consumers Can Trust

A 2016 16-week double-blind, placebo controlled study of SLIMVANCE, conducted with a healthy population of overweight men and women, sets new standards for communicating efficacy to consumers and regulatory agencies in the weight management category - because of its size, its length, its use of non-obese subjects and its design and execution. Consistent body weight reductions were observed throughout the 16-week trial - starting with statistically significant weight loss at 2 weeks. These healthy, non-obese subjects taking SLIMVANCE lost statistically significant inches in waist circumference in the study. This trial was designed with the latest guidance from regulatory agencies in mind, but also to help give our customers confidence in the performance of SLIMVANCE across a broad section of the population.

Compared to diet & exercise alone, the new trial on SLIMVANCE shows dramatic results




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