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It can be challenging to trace products, ensure that all entities within the supply chain meet their responsibility for food safety and quality, and address the ever-growing number of supply chain threats. Nevertheless, quality still reigns as the most important factor when choosing an ingredient supplier.

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Buying ingredients solely on price considerations leaves companies exposed to potential corner cutting, poor quality or even adulterated ingredients. For this reason we opened the doors of our facilities to our customers and partners and we prepared the five points as best practice in supplier qualification and supply chain protection for the only natural Vitamin K2 as bioactive form.

Marco Berna
Business Development Director
Gnosis S.p.A.

5 key points to know the best form of vitamin K2:


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Natural vitamin K occurs in the all-trans configuration, which has been proven to be the biologically active form. Synthetic method produces a mixture of isomers (trans/cis). The cis-isomers activity in the body is unknown.

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vitaMK7® offers >99% of all-trans isomeric purity, higher than what chemically achievable for optimal biological activity.

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Bacillus subtilis natto is recognized as the sole bacterium needed to produce good natto rich in Natural Vitamin K2. Used for hundreds of years by the Japanese people it has demonstrated efficacy and safety.

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vitaMK7® is the only natural-derived vitamin K2 from Bacillus subtilis natto with >99% of Purity Assay, with no Solvent and Chemicals.


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vitaMK7® has a stable profile to short-light exposure and formulations and is suitable to be combined with different calcium salts without applying any coating that increases non-natural chemical substances.

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High quality standards for an optimal Vitamin K2 ingredient have been issued by USP Menaquinone-7 monograph, also recognized by the Australian Health Authority TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

vitaMK7® not only meets the requirements but it solely contributed to the preparation of the above monographs, through the close collaboration between USP team and Gnosis.

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Gnosis is the straight and direct manufacturer with no intermediaries or brokers, a warrant of origin, quality and safety of all products under vitaMK7® umbrella.


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