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Gnosis is focused on the continuous enhancement of human health and well-being. As a result of this commitment, Gnosis’ range of products is constantly growing and gaining great success all over the world.


logoAdonat®, Biootic™, Phosphocomplex® and Mythocondro® are currently expanding in the global market; the importance of MK7 purity & stability – proudly achieved in our vitaMK7® – is now explained in our new released Technical Sheet; Quatrefolic® has become “social” with the opening of an Instagram account; and last but not least, we are ready to share the new and unexpected results obtained from the latest clinical studies on our product Emothion®, with its enhanced bioavailability and powerful antioxidant effects!

A new clinical study on healthy volunteers

Reduced glutathione (GSH) is the most powerful anti-oxidizing agent in all living organisms. Glutathione modulation is essential for staying young, active and healthy. The body produces glutathione on its own, but levels can be depleted by poor diet, pollution, stress and aging.

Although GSH supplementation has a solid scientific rationale, its nutritional use is not very efficient because of poor absorption of GSH as it is. In fact, once GSH is ingested, it is hydrolyzed to its aminoacidic components before absorption.

Emothion® is the crystalline form of S-acetyl glutathione, the cutting-edge alternative developed by Gnosis to overcome the poor effectiveness of GSH supplementation. It is a precursor of glutathione and works as GSH-replenishment agent. With a more effective dissolution rate than GSH, Emothion® is orally well absorbed thanks to its lipid-like nature since it is protected from the typical breakdown of GSH.

Once internalized into the cells, Emothion® increases GSH level more efficiently than normal GSH. A comparative single dose crossover study in healthy volounteers has demonstrated that Emothion® has an enhanced bioavailability and a greater antioxidant defence versus qualified Commercial GSH reference.

Emothion® raises glutathione levels better than the Commercial GSH, and furthermore it is effective even after one administration only. Emothion® was not detected in the form of S-acetyl GSH, either in plasma and in the cell fraction, confirming that it is de-acetylated and converted in its active metabolite, glutathione.


EMOTHION® induced a AUC 0-24h 68.8% higher than reduced GSH, after comparison of GSH plasma levels.

Besides, the ratio of reduced/total Glutathione (GSH/Gtot) was calculated. This ratio is considered as a pharmacodynamic endpoint indicating the long-term GSH status and the antioxidizing power of individuals.


GSH/Gtot ratio increased significantly from basal level (p < 0.01) in subjects supplemented with EMOTHION®, while it remains unchanged in the group supplemented with the Commercial Reference, up to 24 hours after. This increase highlights the fast acting effect of EMOTHION®.

EMOTHION® offers value-added organoleptic properties. The acetyl group on the sulfur atom of cysteine reduces the nasty smell and taste of the sulfur atom that confers the typical aftertaste to Glutathione.

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