The New is Here!

News from Wellmune®:

Wellmune® Distributor Partners,

Our commitment to building a consistent, easy and enjoyable digital experience for our Wellmune customers and consumers remains a top priority. That is why we are thrilled to announce that the newly redesigned is now live!

What’s new?

The site is simplified, modern and responsive, with major improvements to its navigation and content, giving visitors – both customers and consumers – an easier way to learn more about Wellmune as a brand, an ingredient and its clinically-proven immune health benefits.

The site is optimized for new content. For example, a new white paper has been created that explains how formulating with research-backed immune health ingredients is the key to helping cut through the noise, providing opportunities to build trust and transparency with consumers. A targeted marketing campaign is being executed which is driving traffic to the white paper landing page where it can be downloaded.

Product innovation is front and center. We’ve created new pages and tools to help clearly explain why Wellmune is the trusted immune health ingredient, showcasing its science as well as innovative products on the market. The products featured will rotate, and we welcome collaboration on innovation stories.

 In the future, new content with information about Wellmune and its science will be delivered through blogs posts, visuals, videos, emails, announcements and customer successes throughout the website.

The translated versions of the site will be rolled-out over the next couple of weeks. Languages will include Chinese, German, French, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese. An update will be sent once all languages are available.

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