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    Quatrefolic® – the InnovActive Folate Everyone Can Benefit From

    Quatrefolic®, from the renowned producer Gnosis by Lesaffre, provides the biologically active form of folate that the body can immediately use without any form of metabolization, thereby benefiting people at all stages of life.

    Folate Deficiency in the Modern World

    Folates are normally found in a wide variety of foods, such as

    • Leafy greens
    • Sprouts
    • Fruits
    • Dairy products
    • Egg yolk
    • Liver

    Unfortunately, folates found in foods are unstable and susceptible to oxidation. This means that they rapidly lose potency during food processing and manufacturing. For example, fresh leafy greens stored at room temperature may lose up to 70 % of their folate potency within three days. Additionally, a cooking process can increase the loss to 95 %.

    Humans cannot synthesize folates, and because they are water-soluble the body only stores them to a limited extent. This means that folates represent a dietary requirement: something we must consume in our diet either through food containing folates or a synthetically derived supplement. Both options are metabolized to 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, which is the biologically active form of the B-vitamin folic acid. 

    Why the active form of folate is preferred – download the infographic

    What are the Symptoms of Folate Deficiency?

    While some people experiencing folate deficiency may be mostly asymptomatic, deficiency can present with a range of different symptoms. Some may experience symptoms such as anemia, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and weight loss, while others can experience additional symptoms, such as weakness, headaches, heart palpitations, and behavioral disorders. 

    Quatrefolic® provides the biologically active form of folate (the 5-MTHF) that the body can immediately use without any form of metabolization

    Quatrefolic® – the InnovActive Folate

    Scientific evidence links the importance of folate consumption in human nutrition with their biological activity. A reason for this is that part of the world population presents enzyme genetic polymorphism (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) which can reduce the metabolization of both folic acid and food folates. 

    Quatrefolic®, produced by Gnosis by Lesaffre, is an “InnovActive” folate because it provides the biologically active form of folate (the 5-MTHF) that the body can immediately use without any form of metabolization. It can therefore benefit people of all ages. 

    How is Quatrefolic® an Innovative Form of Nutrition?

    • In the form of the glucosamine salt of 5-MTHF, Quatrefolic® reveals significant advantages over calcium salt and the previous folate generations, like high solubility and enhanced bioavailability.
    • Compared to standard folic acid, Quatrefolic® doesn’t lead to accumulation of Unmetabolized Folic Acid (UMFA) in the blood, which has no biological function and whose effects are not yet known.
    • Quatrefolic® is recommended to efficiently normalize homocysteine levels and the folate status of all potential individuals including people with MTHFR polymorphism. 
    • Quatrefolic® does not mask vitamin B12 deficiency and this results in tangible advantages and safer profile vs standard folic acid – especially in the critical age group of the elderly who are very often deficient of folate.

    These are some of the reasons for why Quatrefolic® is now regarded as the blockbuster folate in modern nutrition – and it can offer so much more! You can read more about the benefits and advantages of Quatrefolic® here

    In the form of the glucosamine salt of 5-MTHF, Quatrefolic® reveals significant advantages over calcium salt and the previous folate generations, like high solubility and enhanced bioavailability.


    • Quatrefolic can be used in conventional supplement formulations, such as tablets, capsules and soft gel. Tablet is by far the most popular option, as it offers the lowest cost type of dosage.
    • It is suitable for the preparation of instant drinks thanks to its stability in water. Dosages dissolve quickly without leaving any residue – even in cold water.
    • Quatrefolic is also suitable for non-conventional dosage formulations, such as powders delivered in sachets.
    • It can be added to chewable tablets, with the great advantage of not requiring water, which means they can be taken at any time and in any place for people on-the-go.

    Folate’s Interconnection with Glycemic Control

    There is a growing interest in the considerable benefits of the glycemic profile. In particular, folate supplementation (vitamin B9) might be beneficial for glucose homeostasis and lowering, insulin resistance (IR) with a possible role in diabetes deterrence, and reducing the risk of T2DM, and some diabetic conditions associated with it. Recent studies have shown that circulating folate concentrations are
    significantly lower in T2DM patients compared with healthy individuals.

    Quatrefolic®, glucosamine salt of the 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF or methylfolate), represents a natural-based approach to help manage glycemic problems, diabetes progression, and diabetes complications.

    Benefits of folate supplementation

    ↑ Ameliorate DNA methylation↓ Decrease inflammation and oxidative stress
    ↑ Improve glycemic control↓ Reduce fasting blood glucose
    ↑ Improve endothelial function↓ Reduce serum insulin
    ↓ Decrease insulin resistance

    Regulatory Status of Quatrefolic®

    According to GRAS assessment, “Quatrefolic® has been rigorously tested for safety and consistency. It is produced under strict quality control procedures allowing Gnosis to promote the product for application on a variety of conventional foods, beverages and supplements.”

    Here is a brief overview of the highest profile recognitions of Quatrefolic®:

    • USA: GRAS

    An independent expert panel confirms that Quatrefolic® is “generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use as a source of folate in conventional and medical foods.

    • USA: FDA New Dietary Ingredient Notification

    FDA accepts notification of Quatrefolic® as a source of the naturally occurring form of folate for use in dietary supplements.

    • Europe: EFSA Positive Scientific Opinion

    EFSA states that Quatrefolic® can be added for nutritional purposes to food supplements as a source of folate.

    • Europe: Novel Food approval

    The European Commission approves Quatrefolic® in the European Union as a Novel Food Ingredient to be used in food supplements. 

    Why Gnosis by Lesaffre is a Preferred Partner of Biogredia

    Quatrefolic® can claim key relevant benefits allowing the product to be suitable for dietary supplements as well as food and beverage uses, specifically for combinations of different vitamins and minerals.

    Gnosis by Lesaffre is a high-quality producer, and they are a market leader when it comes to innovative nutritional solutions. Their breakthrough ingredient, Quatrefolic®, is hand-picked by Biogredia.

    Please get in touch if you want more information or have questions about our ingredients.

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