• Olivactive® – Multitasking Immune-Boosting Solution with Roots in Ancient Medicine

    Olivactive®, from the renowned manufacturer Pharmactive, offers an innovative and multitarget approach to modern immune support. The product is also being researched for treating diabetes and its complications.

    The Appeal of Immune-Boosting Botanicals in Developed Countries

    Immune-boosting solutions are growing in demand worldwide (Kerry Proactive Health Study, 2019). As a matter of fact, an astonishing 33% of UK consumers claim that “boosting of the immune system” is one of the top reasons why they are looking to start new food supplements (Mintel Market Insights, 2020). But what has caused this sudden increase in demand?

    As life expectancy in developed countries has risen dramatically, we are now facing the impact of various age-related conditions; one of which is immunity loss. As a result, immunity solutions and immunity-boosting botanicals are now growing increasingly popular amongst most Western consumers – especially those aged 55 and older.

    Olivactive® Immune-Boosting Solution
    As better living conditions and longer life expectancy continues to impact the way we live, it’s expected that the appeal of immune-boosting solutions in developed countries will only increase over the next decade.

    WHY CHOOSE OLIVACTIVE® as your preferred immune-boosting botanical:

    • Natural, well-known immune booster with EFSA Claims
    • Traditional roots that appeal to consumers
    • Multi-target action mechanism
    • Improved stability due to strong antioxidant capacity
    • Water soluble – fit for many applications
    • Environmentally responsible
    Overview of Olivactive® , which is water soluble, and its many applications.
    Olivactive® is water soluble and therefore fit for many applications.

    Olive Extract and Other Immune-Boosting Botanicals Seen as “Natural and Safe”

    Olivactive® is based on Olive Extract, which has been a well-known natural remedy for centuries. The olive tree itself has been cultivated in the Mediterranean basin for generations – not to mention that the use of olive leaves for medicinal purposes dates back to Ancient Egypt. Then, it was a common remedy to combat fever.

    HOW IS THIS RELEVANT TO YOU? The fact that Olive Extract is a traditional remedy with a long history is quite the strong selling-point these days. As a matter of fact, immune-boosting botanicals with a history as a traditional remedy appeal greatly to modern consumers, as they perceive the product as natural, effective and safe.

    EFSA Pending Claims

    Current EFSA Claims:

    3467: Increases the physiological resistance of the organism in case of severe ambient conditions. 
    3468: Helps the upper respiratory tract

    How does Olivactive® work?

    In recent studies, Olivactive® has shown three main mechanisms of action:

    1. Macrophage and granulocytes stimulation to initiate a proinflammatory pathway to help combat pathogens.
    2. Oleuropein breaks down hydroxytyrosol during the digestions, which may promote bacteria cell walls breaking and cellular membrane damaging.
    3. Olivactive® may attenuate the overall inflammatory state, reducing inflammation in several cell types.
    A green jar of Olivactive®

    Olivactive® – Bioactive Compounds:

    The solution is standardized to >20% oleuropein and to >2% bioflavonoids by HPLC. It’s worth noting that oleuropein is one of the most characteristic biomolecules from Olea europaea L. leaves, which exhibits immunomodulatory, microbicidal and anti-inflammatory properties (Visioli F., et al. Life Sci. 62, 1998).

    Bioflavonoids are potent antioxidants that have been related to antibacterial properties and shown to play a role in glycemia cases, helping to balance high levels of glucose in the blood; a factor linked to a higher risk of infection. Due to its unique features, Olivactive® presents a better stability and an identified profile to avoid any kind of adulteration.

    What is the recommended daily dose of Olivactive®?

    • Maintenance: 300 mg/day
    • Intensive: 500 mg/day

    Why Pharmactive is a preferred Partner of Biogredia

    Your quality immune health products start with our clinically-supported immune health ingredients. PHARMACTIVE BIOTECH PRODUCTS is a privately-owned Spanish company that develops and manufactures differentiated natural ingredients supported by scientific evidence. Their functional ingredients targeting immune health, are hand-picked by Biogredia.

    Our common goal is for you to generate a positive and significant impact on people’s health and well-being, through our portfolio of knowledge-based and natural ingredients.

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